Travel Preparations- Part 1

Making Online Reservations

Many people prefer to buy their airline or cruise tickets and make their hotel reservations online from a reliable site. It might be a hassle to look for the cheapest or best deal but it can be worth the trouble.

Location of the Hotel

When making hotel reservations, you may want to find out if the hotel is located near a hospital, police station and etc. These services are great in an emergency, but you might want to stay away from noise when you are there for a holiday.

Bring some Travel Books

Get yourself some travel books to know all the best spots, cheapest restaurants, best food, places to stay, and hundreds of insights about your destination. You may want to photocopy the pages of travel books relevant to the area you are visiting rather than taking the entire book with you to cut down on weight.

Bring a Dictionary

Get a language translation dictionary and carry it with you. You will find it useful.

Notify Family, Friends and Relatives

Before leaving on a trip, make sure that you give all travel information to your family and close friends. If anything should happen while travelling, multiple people know where you are and have a better chance of getting a hold of you and others who might need to reach you.

Find Local Friends

If you have friends staying in the city you are about to visit, why not give them a ring? They live there, so they should have some good tips for you.

Do you have a valid Visa?

Renew your visa or apply for one before departing.

Learn some Native Language

Learn a few essential terms in the native language of the country you are travelling to. For instance, if you are going to a Chinese speaking country “ni hao” means “hello” and “xie xie” means “thank you”. Your trip will be more enjoyable in learning a new language and culture.